Earth's Mind

Earth Cover

-Essays in Native Literature ©1997
by Roger Dunsmore
With a forward by Vine Deloria, Jr.

The title essay was chosen as one of thirteen essays in the "retrospective" issue to commemorate the first fifteen years of the scholarly journal, STUDIES IN AMERICAN INDIAN LITERATURE, Vol. 5, No. 2, Summer, 1993.

"The most original and evocative study of Native American literary accomplishments, and their sources, it has been my pleasure to read in several years."

- Karl Kroeber, Mellon Professor in the Humanities, Columbia University

From the forward by Vine Deloria, Jr. -

"...Rather he reflects on his years in the West, ponders the meaning of his memories, and produces a set of essays that asks us to consider whether we have learned anything or thought anything after our encounter with Indians. This offering is therefore a new turn of events in literature on Indians - the proposal to go where few people have gone, to paraphrase Star Trek - and to consider what various messages from Indians might actually mean....Indeed, the relationship of Indians with the natural world has become so much a cliche' that it no longer communicates anything except the need for petting zoos for urban children. The larger intimacy with the earth which makes petting unnecessary is addressed by Dunsmore in an important essay. He takes seriously the idea that mind (and /or spirit) really does manifest itself, at least in particular ways, in our relationshp with the earth."

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