Laszlo Toth (1977)

Book Laszlo Toth

Mary:  You know, Michelangelo, Toth has gifts too, pain and a hammer.  And
these dark spots on my cheek where the hammer struck, do they not tell  you
about the marble you quarried at Carrara, how it is the earth shining, earth
of bones and teeth and shells and ash from the bodies of plants, heated and
crushed until the crystals shine, the finest stone from the bodies of
pheasants and fishes' teeth and the stems of unknow ferns, earth shining,
the light in the stone of all those other lives, the stone with its own
life, inherited.  Do you know?  Look at these hammer marks on my cheek, the
darkness there, even the stones, even the stones old grave robber, dissector
of bodies, the endless rain of teeth and ash on the ocean floor. Can you